Dare to be yourself or get bitten

Even if you're a vampire. V Rising is similar to Valheim/No Man's Sky/Subnautica except you are a vampire (night good, daytime bad). You gotta build a castle first, then ...well I'm not that far yet.


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In other gaming news I saw Epic had the Bioshock series available for free so I grabbed them. I figured it might be fun to see if I could get them running on Linux.

At first I tried installing Epic Game Store through Lutris, a very useful way to install and run windows and other games on Linux. But it was a pain in the arse. So I tried and alternative way to run Epic games on Linux called Heroic Launcher. This was partly successful, but the first 2 games still proved hard to get working. Then I read that Heroic is actually just a wrapper for something called Legendary which can run Epic games without the epic games store. On Linux it's command line only, but you can get it on Windows too and it has a GUI. So after authorising Legendary and importing the games I had already downloaded they just worked perfectly!?! Sweet as fuck! :D

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>>37827 Sounds like Morbin Time!

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Finally unlocked the servant, so I grabbed the closest blood bag..a politician. Bit foul blooded but it will do.


It's still early access, they plan to release it in 2023. So maybe wait a bit.

I play it in PvE (private server with password) but you can set no password and allow strangers to visit, PvP is also available (with or without server password), as well as offline.
Although I haven't found a way to remove characters/worlds yet, not sure if that will be added soon.
One thing I like is that you can set the world rules (rule-set) just the way you like it. Pretty much anything can be skipped; tutorial fase gets annoying, how long does the sun stay up vs how long does it remain dark, how much damage do you deal or receive, etc.

Alas the world is fixed (no randomized map like in Valheim) but it is very rich in detail; trees, bushes, ruins, houses, etc, so you can move from shadow to shadow (technically you are a day-shadow-walker).
The world is also populated with loads of creatures; skeletons, zombies, humans, and animals. All drop some(times, depending on rule-set) loot and only humans and animals can be fed upon.
As a Vampire you can transform into certain animals (I've unlocked the wolf form), you learn this by defeating a boss.

The castle building isn't as extensive as in Valheim, where you have more freedom, but it's does look good and is very easy to swap materials (like from a wooden wall to a brick wall) and to expand.

All in all I like it 8.5/10

ps: Valheim ranks 9.5/10 (cause MODS!)


I've heard people on Twitch speak highly of this game, but I haven't really looked at it myself. Could be interesting.

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But first build a 'bed' (save point & spawn location similar to Valheim).