A new card for better heating..

..but it actually runs cool.

Ray Tracing looks cool, and turn on DLSS and you don't see a performance drop. With my 1080 Ti the game ran 40 fps with medium settings, no Ray Tracing or DLSS at 2560x1440p.
Now I get 60 fps with max settings + Ray Tracing and DLSS at 2560x1440p!
If I reduce a couple of the Ray Tracing settings and a few standard settings to medium, but still DLSS in Performance mode, I get a steady 80 fps. :D

Next up is Red Dead Redemption 2.

While the card was still a bit more than I hoped (€1000) I bit the bullet and bought it. In the process I got rid of the water cooling cause it's a pita for maintenance and hardware swapping.

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GTX 1080Ti vs RTX 3080

The difference of wattage between the GTX 1080 ti (water cooled) and the RTX 3080 (stock air cooled), both are total PC systems plus monitor.

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The witcher now runs at 120-144 fps, lol.
Elden Ring is unfortunately capped at 60 fps.
Valheim still depends on terrain and user formation of it, it can be between 40 and 133 fps but it's an early access game..

I still need to test Red Dead Redemption 2. Hopefully it's more than 40fps.

I was actually waiting for the price to drop to 800 euro but with the current events (limited stock) I just went for it. And yes, it makes me happy, except the annoying rgb that won't turn-off unless you install a shitload of bloatware. So I'll just unplug the connector at a later date.


Sweet! It's a lot of money, but if it makes you happy it's worth the expense :)

Cyberpunk does look amazing with the ray tracing. I haven't played it in a while but I plan to copy it over to linux and give the latest update a play at some point. Probably check out some mods too.



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Stunning as Toussaint

The UPS states the PC + monitor uses 425 Watt when playing The Witcher 3 (maxed out settings).
That's about 100 Watt more than with the 1080Ti.

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So much room, and quieter than before because of only 2 case fans instead of 9.