Cost of living

Hello all, have any of you experienced higher than normal prices of <insert goods>?

Here in the Netherlands food (especially chicken), gas (petrol, gas, diesel) and therefor energy prices has gone up a lot. And now because of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine we will see even higher prices.

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>>37710 I can't afford to install solar or wind but I would love to.


I know, even before asking the question, the answer..but what about solar panels? Or a (small) wind turbine?

Or a tiny nuclear facility in the shed? ;)


>>37706 I'm was on a fixed 12 month rate and now I'm on a fixed 24 month rate, but thankfully by signing up to a 24 month rate I can opt out free of charge at any time for a cheaper rate if I can find one.

Honestly I'm sure I ever see prices coming down but at some point they will stop rising so much :/


" My electricity went from £48/month last year to £108/month this year :/ "
WTF?!! That's insane!

But that happened to people here too that have the variable payment plan.
I went for the fixed one (price per month higher but not dependable of the market). I pay €75 per month and I'm even getting money back.

Food's been up here too but I doubt it's due to the UK leaving the EU. Everybody's blaming it on the higher cost of raw materials.

As for the petrol, and quote..yeah FUCK Fuckamir Putin.


Yup! My electricity went from £48/month last year to £108/month this year :/

Food is a lot higher and thanks to Brexshit it's harder to find the brands or products I want :/

I see petrol has gone up a lot but thankfully I don't have to run a car, but my mowers need it so it still affects me :/

And thanks to Cuntamir Putin costs will only get higher! >:(

The rich get richer, the poor get fucked over :(