#BrexShit #TurdReich

Thanks to "trade difficulties" the UK can't get the chemicals it needs to treat raw sewage and other waste water so the government has decided to allow water processing companies and any other businesses with waste water or raw sewage to just dump it in to a river or the sea.
#TurdReich has been trending in twitter in the UK :S

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I haven't experienced empty shelves in my life time, it really does look a bit like soviet Russia. But unlike soviet Russia we do have plenty of food available, it just often isn't what you wanted or needed.

Ordering from the EU isn't too bad currently as the UK customs aren't doing the increased checks required the brexit agreement. The EU Managed to implement those checks on day 1, the UK has already postponed doing them 3 times now! The problems we do have however are not enough dock workers to unload goods coming in and not enough truck drivers to deliver goods :/

If you need some ccash flow, lemminow

>>37473 Damn, that's sad. Almost sounds like those third world nations back in the day with the empty shelves and stuff.

Can't you order from mainland Europe? Or is that made impossibro?
I recently received my order from England (Mayhem coolant), I did had to wait 3 months though <rolling eyes>, still tax free. Whereas my order from China was taxed!


>>37472 Yes. For a couple of months it was impossible for me to buy frozen vegetables, thankfully I was able to get some a couple of weeks ago so I stocked up. Lots of other food items I buy seem to come and go. Lots of empty shelves. I've never seen anything like it in my lifetime.

I've been doing work on the house and garden this year and it's been hard to find the building materials I needed, and the price is up a lot on what is available.


Are you personally noticing any changes from the brexit?


Pass on the fish and chips