Big train through narrow streets
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>>37210 I remember seeing this a few times as a kid. We'd be up some lovely quite hill/mountain, no one around, and suddenly a jet appears and roars by!?! I remember one time we were higher than the jet and we could see in to the cockpit and the pilot look back at us. It was pretty amazing.

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>>37205 Cool, much better than watching The History Channel ;)

Dude, you ever visited Dolgellau? That's where the Mach Loop is.

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>>37203 Yeah the older homes in Barmouth are typically narrow and tall as there wasn't much good land to build on. Pretty much all the land on the beach side of the railway is reclaimed land for Victorian hotels.

The beach also extends much farther out than when I was young which was when they built a tall concrete wall out from the harbour to 'the island' as it was known. That wall is now hidden under sand.

The red on the map is the island. Light blue is where the high tide was as a kid and dark blue was low tide. Very different now.

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So narrow?!

Okay, I had to search that. So I've found the old homes at Marine road and the apartment/flats at Maes Teg.
I gotta say, though, some of the houses on Park road are mighty narrow.


She lived at the north end of Park Road. First in a house called Kilfore (spelling?), then a flat called Maes Teg (both Park Road), and finally in the old peoples home on Marine Road (Other side of the railway tracks from Bradbury's Garage).

It's a wonderful for hiking :)


Oh how cool is that?! It looks like a nice place for a visit. I really dig the mountains/hills nearby looks great for hiking.
Whereabouts did she live?


Haha, this is great for me as I know Barmouth very well. My Grandma lived there so I've spent a huge amount of time there :)