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Found it on maps!

There's a local businessman who drives a Toyota Tundra, as his commercial vehicle. It is, as you guessed, massive compared to the all other vehicles on our roads.
He's has an LPG tank in the back; even for a business owner it would be mental with the local petrol prices. Also I haven't seen it do an u-turn.

So, the petrol version does, on average, 15,9 l/100 km (1 liter gets you 6,3 km) which is even more abysmal when you drive on LPG. But let's stick with petrol. Current local prices for Petrol (Euro95 E10) are €1,49 per liter. It has according to Toyota either a 26,4 Gallon (137 liter) or a 38 Gallon (143 liter) tank. So to fill those up it would cost our businessman around € 200 per 863 or 900 km. Also it has to pay the road tax which is €203 per 3 months, and lastly insurance (I can't check that one alas).

The price for LPG is only €0,58 per liter.

Oh and if you wonder how much tax it would cost if you buy this vehicle for yourself (non commercial); only €749 per 3 months :O

>>36805 I've seen the narrow roads on your island. Worse in the villages/cities. ATS & ETS remind me too much of Midtown Madness :D


I've often wondered how practical these massive pickup trucks are. It seems almost impossible to lift anything high enough to get it in the back and you need a ladder to get in the cab.
It's all just people playing at being a truck driver really. I wonder if these people have heard of American Truck Simulator? :D