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>>37117 There will probably be a vote for Scotland to leave at some point in the next few years. It's hard;y surprising that Scotland wants out of the total shit show of Brexit and the conservative party.

I might move to Scotland if they vote to leave.


So what's the deal with Scotland? Will there be a vote to leave the UK?


>>36810 Here (UK) things are a little less well organised. There is no government estimate, but a third party site that was mentioned on several UK news websites suggested I'll be vaccinated in Q1-Q2... ...2022 :/

That site based it's estimate on 1M vaccinations a week which something the government hasn't achieved yet, but they claim they'll be doing 2M a week very soon.

I think realistically it'll be s0mewhere between Q3 21 and Q2 22.

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>>36792 If all goes well (which I doubt, cause government) I'll receive my first vaccine in mid Q2 2021. The vaccine will either be from AstraZeneca or CureVac or Sanofi, which is a great indicator that they don't have shit at all. It will be administered by either the local GGD (Medical Health Service) or my general practitioner.

At least the medical staff are receiving the Pfizer vaccine.


>>36791 Probably at the same time I receive my 'sovereignty' and the NHS receives it's '£350m a week' we allegedly used to pay EU :/

In the UK the oldest get the vaccine first working down to 50 I think it is, then the youngest get it working back up. So I'll be one of the last in the UK to get it. It's unlikely that'll be before the summer :/

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Do you know when you'll receive the vaccine?

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Not as sorry as I am to go :(