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There's an interesting article today on the Guardian news website about growing big veg.

There is also a link to this monster pumpkin


I've had Stuffed Baked Marrow many times, but it's probably not very popular these days in the UK.


>>36627 Yeah, me neither.

Interesting fact:
"Courgettes originally contained the toxic substance cucurbitacin, but growers have succeeded in reducing the level of this substance to practically zero through plant breeding. Nevertheless, it sometimes happens that self-grown courgettes contain too high concentrations of cucurbitacin. This substance gives a bitter taste. It is therefore not recommended to eat zucchini, cucumbers and pumpkins that taste bitter, as cucurbitacin can be deadly. For example, in 2015 a German died after eating a self-grown zucchini."

So if bitter = big nono!

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>>36622 I've never heard of a Marrow. Research tells me that is grown and harvested as immature fruit and called a Zuchinni or Courgette.

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>>36618 It's a Marrow apparently.

"A gardener from south Wales has produced a monster marrow, which is anything but a light salad dish.

Phillip Vowles from Llanharry near Llantrisant was growing the vegetable for BBC Radio Wales presenter Roy Noble as part of a challenge on the station.
Phillip, who has been growing giant vegetables for more than 25 years, was forced to cut the huge marrow as it was starting to split.
It weighed in at 51kg (112lb). The world record is 93.7kg (206.5 lb)
The enforced split meant the marrow could not grow any bigger.

"I've got more still growing so I'm not beaten yet," he said.
Phillip, who has been growing giant vegetables for more than 25 years, is aiming to break the record in time for the Llanharry Giant Vegetable Show in September.

Guinness World Records said the heaviest marrow weighed 93.7 kg (206.5 lb) and was presented by Bradley Wursten (Netherlands) at the Dutch giant vegetable championship in Sliedrecht, Netherlands, in September 2009.
It broke a record of 65kg (143lb) set in 2008 by Ken Dade, a vegetable grower from Cambridgeshire."



>>36618 I would guess it weighs between 25 and 50 Courics (roughly 0.4 - 0.7 Bonos).


wow, that is a massive cucumber or is it a zucchini?. The girdle lines on it, I assume are from suspending it during growth. Any guesses on the weight?


>>36613 Well it's that or he's about to become butt-plug champion of the world 2020 :/

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