New Nvidia graphics cards are slighty larger

The new 3090 (above) vs the 2080

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This >>>
I expect I could find a way around it but I don't really have any interest in adding another GPU for my needs anyway.

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(top) Asus, Gigabyte, (bottom) Razer, Akito

What proprietary connector are you talking about?
Most external GPU's use either and/or Thunderbolt, several USB's, RJ45, the display ports from the gpu, and a power cable


I can add an external GPU to my laptop but the cost of the proprietary connector is not worth the money. I'd be amazed if Alienware ever sold any :D

But you make a good point that it may be gaming laptops have to move in that direction if they are to remain similar in spec to desktops.

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I'm actually eyeing for the 3080, if the reviews are positive. I don't care about the 3090 as it's too big and power hungry.

Your brother could always opt for an external graphics card. Sure, it's not as mobile as a laptop but much more powerful. I bet, IF they make 30xx laptops they be overheating quickly so they will go back to thick laptops or maybe even water cooled ones. SO to answer your question, yes your own thermonuclear reactor will be necessary.


Yeah, they are very large! And the power draw looks to be huge too, but time will tell once we get some real world test.

My brother is looking in to getting a new gaming laptop at some point and was surprised to find the current 2080 laptops come with 2 330W power supplies. My 1080 laptop only needs 1 330W power supply. It makes you wonder what a 3080 laptop would come with 3? Or maybe just a mini nuclear reactor instead of battery? :D

>>36585 You'll need the 'RTX3090 Ti Super Ultra Mega Turbo' for that :D


Will this new gen be able to run Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (the new Crysis) at 60 fps??

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Boss holding the second boss

The RTX 3080 with a random guy

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And the 3090 & 3080 vs consoles (left-2-right: Xbox One X, New XboX One X One S X, RTX 3090, RTX 3080, PS5+, PS5, PS4)

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The 3090 on a M-ITX motherboard. Just image the power draw <eek>

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The 3080 vs the 3090