I got a new toy :D

I've wanted a milling machine for a very long time and finally saved up enough pennies to get one. It's only a small one suitable for hobby work but it'll probably do anything I want.

It's a SEIG SX2P in case you were wondering.

I already have some modifications in mind like a tachometer & DRO (digital read out) for the X, Y & Z axis.

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I'll try and remember to do that.
I got a 3.5" lcd touch screen today that I plan to use for this project.
I'm currently trying to finish off some other projects before I start this one.


Do post regular pictures when you update.


>>35999 Thank you good sir. I'm also thinking that a DRO will make a huge difference.

Interestingly even though there isn't a switch on this mill for forward and reverse the existing wiring allows for a switch to be added easily which would make tapping threads, with the right collet, very easy. Also the existing wiring allows for connection of an LED display to show the motor speed.

My plan is to ultimately replace all the existing controls with a touchscreen LCD for control of speed and direction along with provision for DRO display too. Also in place of the existing potentiometer for speed control I'll replace it with a rotary encoder to allow for easy adjustment without needing to use the touchscreen.

The first phase will be just to add the LCD to show the speed.

The second phase will be full controller replacement

The third phase will be to add DRO.


A DRO is great. even a proper Bridgeport mill is made infinitely better with a DRO.

Congrats on the toy


>>35991 Very nice, but also very expensive both for parts and the machinery you need to make it. Maybe one day :)

I might make mine cnc one day but the main goal is to make it more accurate and easier for me to use.


Where goes the wome...oh wait a MILLING machine, not milking..,stupid brain. ;)

So you're you going to create a CNC? That would be nice, next to the 3D printer.

A bit too big and heavy