Goodbye G13, Hello Stream deck

Found an app on github that does everything the G13 did.

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Indeed! Then instead of spending 10 hours to fix a problem with someone else's app you can spend 1000 hours writing your own only to find you have the same problem :/

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..and then buy a boat

I should learn how to code..


The only additional thing I can find is to set the task to 'run whether or not a user is logged on'.

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I created another task (not a basic) and windows claims it works but it doesn't.
It will start when I right click the scheduled task and run the execute command.

The program works without the Stream Deck program but even with elevated permission
set in task schedule it shows nothing but windows keeps claiming it works.

It was fun for a while but I'm done with this app/program/script.

Thanks for the help though, JesusChrist.

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StreamDeckMonitor config

Pretty sure it's an app.

Steps taken:
- Set both executables to admin control <nope>
- Added the executable to the startup folder <nope>
- Created a task schedule <nope> maybe it needs additional


Maybe there is something in Event Viewer that will explain the problem.

Is it a script or an app? If it's an app it may be it needs permissions set to allow it to execute. Check in the properties-general tab of the app at the bottom to see if the security setting at the bottom needs to be set to unblock.

I think task scheduler should also provide an error message for the last run if something went wrong to check the task to see if it says anything useful.


Well, fuck it. I can't seem to edit it.
And it will not run native; I need to activate it manually. I tried to run it at start-up and later made a task schedule but alas..

Maybe you know something I could try?