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>>35745 I the Laguna Seca track can have that effect in real life too, it's one hell of a drop through the corkscrew!

I'm looking forward to Indycar going back there soon, I just hope the track safety has been improved.


>>35739 It can be very disorientated. I played Bladerunner and lost my bearing and almost strangled myself on the cord.

And thus far only 2 games that made me sick; Google maps gave me a bit of vertigo, and Project Cars made me actual sick (Laguna Seca race track; the height difference and bumps did it).

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>>35734 Certainly need a safe space, or guidance while operating VR. Seems easy to lose your bearings in the real world.


Watching people play VR should be a prime time TV show :D

Pretty cool though to be able to control things like this. I love the idea of controlling vehicles remotely this way.