Damn Nature, You Scary!

I was eating my lunch today and there was a bang on the window and I saw some feathers. I looked outside to see a Buzzard had decided to have some lunch also, a Collard Dove in this case :/

After posing for photos the Buzzard flew off with the Dove in it's talons. I assume to make a delicious pie for all the family.

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Very rare bird in the UK. They are starting to grow in number after decades of decline. They typically nest in rocky cliffs but they do sometimes nest in tall trees too. There aren't really any cliffs near me so I guess it must in a tall tree somewhere.


I'll bet Hoshi would kick his feathery ass!

Is the P-Falcon common in your area? If not, maybe it has a nest nearby?


My brother and I saw it again over the weekend. Thankfully we were in his car so it couldn't get us ;D

I was little concerned it might go after my little black cat, Hoshi, but my brother assures me it only really hunts in the air, and a small cat would be too big for it anyway.


looks like it's eyeing up it's next victim. Better watch yourself.



Still nice!


It is a Peregrine Falcon, and not a Buzzard. I should have known this but I'm half asleep and wasn't expecting a Peregrine in the garden as they've never been known around here before!?!
My brother pointed out the error to me :D


Nice. You didn't invite them in? How rude. ;)