Open For Business Again - Hopefully :D

I had a problem on the raspi server that caused the site to go down for a while. Not quite sure when the problem started but it should be good now.
Essentially an external drive failed and so the raspi filled the sd card with data that should have been on the external drive. Once the sd card was full the raspi refused to function :/
Took a little time to fight my way through all the various file permission issues and delete the unwanted data to get things back to normal.

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>>35453 I think it's just the way the browser displays it and nothing wrong with the page. There is quite a lot of dynamically injected data in the pages which saves having to update every page each time a comment is made. I think may be why it looks weird.

Initially the site was growing about 1 to 2 Gb a year but it's a bit slower now. It would be no problem to expand storage in the future if it needed it. The database that holds all the thread and comment data can also easily work with much more data.

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How much Gb gets added on average per month or year? source code seems to display fine.


>>35451 Seems like your browser didn't display the page correctly. I don't know why, it looks complete. :/

>>35449 The site currently takes up 6.5Gb.

I considered going for a raid 5 setup with 3 4Tb drives, but for now I think 2 4Tb drives in raid 1 is fine.

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Holy scrolling fuck

Btw, what the literal hell?!


>>35448 that's what I have for my NAS too. Not as fast as raid 0 but safer.

Just curious, how much room (GB or TB) does the site use on a drive?


Well it only took 2 weeks but Seagate have decided they will replace my backup drive that failed :)
Hopefully it won't take a further 2 weeks to arrive.

My solution to future failures is to use 2 identical backup drives in a raid 1 (mirroring) configuration and hope that only 1 fails at a time :/

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I didn't notice anything cause I was on holiday.
But good work on resolving the issue.