Signs of getting old

Recently I lifted something that I thought was light but it wasn't. Youth leaving the body, they say. Where's the warranty guide?*

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>>35390 :(

My week away from home was met with daily pain, cause of shitty quality of the bed and furniture.
But I did enjoy the week.


Good to hear you're back is feeling better.
Regular exercises are a way of life over 35 :/

(28.2 Kb, 550x502)

Update: my back is back to normal! Still will have to do daily exercises, and watch how I lift, bro.

>>35375 Is that accounted with teen pregnancies? Cause then I could be a grandpa.


You know you're old when there are adults alive who are young enough to be your children :/

I also only have to think about lifting something and my back hurts! :D