Foobar W10

Finally got Foobar working, under w10, with my G13 LCD screen. Goodbye WMP or whatever the crapp was with W10. Say hello to tha king!

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I just tried making a playlist and got an error message occasionally when adding a track. I just clicked OK and then tried again which usually worked.
I think it's a file access problem rather than a permissions problem. I think the only real fix will be down to the developer.

(31.4 Kb, 650x366)

My music files and playlist are already on a separate drive. It just has to bloody work!

So back to foobar it is.


>>35367 I haven't tried making playlists. Is it related to this...



I'm trying out MusicBee but I get an error when I want to create a new playlist.


>>35364 The standard MP3 or Flac albums are only about 100-200Mb each, so perfect for phone use, but the 24-bit HD Flac albums are generally around 1-2Gb each, so not great on a phone. Also not every audio player can handle 24-bit audio.


Why do you have 2 formats?


>>35362 Correction, it did a pretty good job of scanning my music but has got very confused over the fact that I have several albums twice, once in standard format and again in HD 24-bit. Looks like I need to rename the HD albums, just adding "[HD]", so it can tell the difference.


I've just set up MusicBee to be my dedicated audio player for casting directly to my hifi. It seems pretty good and amazingly didn't make a complete fucking mess of music library! (I'm looking at you, every other audio player ever!!!)


I looked at foobar ages ago, but in the end I was happy with my Kodi setup (it's on all my devices). Also I can play digital audio directly on my hifi, or cast audio to it, so I'm happy with that :)
I might look in to a better a better audio player than VLC for when I cast from my laptop to the hifi at some point.


okay, got it working for a while now but now I just needed to post it ;)