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>>35229 Polls currently show that most people want to stay now (about 45% leave to 55% stay). So a second vote could stop brexit. But I agree there will always be a lot of people unhappy and this is why this vote should never have happened in the first place :/

I have mentioned to people so many times that if the UK isn't part of the EU then we don't have any chance to change it, but they are just too stupid to understand :(
They also don't understand that many of the things they hate about the EU are actually things the UK wanted and if the UK is separate then this will only get worse. This is the case for Article 13, the UK government always want strong copyright laws so if we leave the UK will get something like Article 13 even though the EU now won't get it!

The charity I work for helps people with mental health problems and many of the people we help voted to leave. They don't seem to understand that over 50% of our funds come from EU funding schemes, we have told them this. The charity only exists because the UK government don't provide enough funding to care for people with mental health problems. What we're they thinking! I just can't understand it :/

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Another one?? Whatever the outcome, there will always be people who won't be pleased.

I preferred you guys stayed, and we just reform the EU a bit (less rules but still all the trade).


100% Confirmed genuine fake :D

I'd like to think we might get another referendum so we can vote against leaving and end all this crap, but I have my doubts :/