6 months of work destroyed by a fire

So recently me and my dad did a Risk Assessment & Evaluation (RA&E) for a non-profit organization.
6 months of visiting sites, talking to people, and finalizing the RA&E in a very cumbersome software package (through the internet).
Only to find out the website is off-line. Five days without telling businesses what's what.

Today I found out their servers and backup-servers had been destroyed by a fire!
All the work we put in (12 sites with over 100 people) gone. Apparently they never thought of setting up the backup-severs off-site. Or maybe it was. <insert x-files theme song>

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>>35231 This should be part of you presentation :D


So I must make safety my number 1 priority. Will this video help?


Funny enough the (non-profit) company hired me as the Risk Assessment & Evaluation officer (Preventiemedewerker), only 4 hours a week but hey it's another job :D


Wow! It's stunning how companies don't take backups seriously :/