Holiday near Annecy, France

Beautiful place but pity they only speak french.

Mont Blanc area

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I believe there is a world wide shortage of blinker fluid currently, at least that's how it appears :D

The heat of summer is a god send and only improved by the beautiful scenery of France :)


Merci. Honestly though, my French sucks. I can order a beer or a coffee but I never remember how to ask for the check ;)

This part of France is indeed beautiful. Loads of waterfalls, lakes, castles, people to see and observe.
The weather was nice too. Normally warm (+25C) but sometimes hot and humid but least then you can either go to the lakes or just up the mountains (snow!) to cool off.
Food, and especially wine :D wasn't expensive in the supermarkets and most restaurants.
Parking is mostly free except in larger places like Annecy but it was cheaper compared to Heerlen.
And the traffic wasn't that bad actually, although most people had no clue how to use the indicators or maybe they forgot to fill the blinker fluid ;)

I normally avoid busy cities & places unless I can see plenty of women and good brolord JesusChrist there were plenty. Match that with hot weather (short skirts & thin tops) and you can see plenty of curves XD

All in all it was a wonderful week. Now back to work :(


"British (old turds)" - Your French is clearly quite good. The literal translation of 'British' in French is indeed 'Old Turds' XD

Looks like a beautiful part of France :)

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Lake Annecy seen from the Restaurant L'Edelweiss

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The last one we visited was Chateau de Menthon-Saint-Bernard, open for tours but only in French :/
Many visitors were British (old turds).

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Chateau de Duingt

This one was pretty but alas not open for visits.

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Chateau (unnamed)

This department (74) had only 9 castles (Chateaus). Many still privately owned and some are still inhabited.

Pretty castle (