360 Gallery Thread

Now with video! See what I see..well sort of.

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Found some time to play with Ansel again. The 3D 360 images look pretty good on the Nokia 8 thanks to it's QHD screen, and movement is super smooth. Sadly the nvidia viewer only works with 4K images and nothing bigger. I found an app to use the 8K images but it turns out Ansel didn't create them properly and that have weird light and dark bands across the image so their pretty unusable. I'll try an check out some other 3D stuff at some point :D


>>34193 Not an Alienware but an Asus N55SL. It started having problems a couple of years ago which is why I got the first Alienware. By some miracle the Asus has managed to fix itself and will now make a sweet computer for my projects bench.
I'll take a look at the VR stuff tomorrow hopefully.

(316.5 Kb, 2484x1323)
Mods are fun

An older Alienware? Dude, how many of those you got??!

I'll knock on wood but so far none of my pc's have experienced any faults or breakdowns this year.


Oh, you should make more 360 photos for me to test, it's fun :D


Well I was going to mess about with my new google plastic (cardboard), but for some reason I started fixing and old laptop of mine instead. The good news is it'll work with maximum memory again, it was only working with 1 slot, and I found a fault with the hdd going slow, even though it tests perfectly!?! I tried a spare drive and the problem disappeared. Time to reinstall Win10 and Ubuntu :/
I'll try again with the plastic cardboard thing tomorrow...


And the video. I must perfect the stop/start function cause it's very difficult if you don't see the keyboard. Also the second time I tried to record it borked the VR experience. So awkward video it is. Until next time ;)