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Damn you Intel.

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Tests appear to show a general slowing of about 2.5%, but I don't think many people will notice anything as they don't run their computer flat out ever. Data centres are where that 2.5% will be noticed as to save costs they only run flat out and don't have much spare capacity. I notice in the US there are already several lawsuits against Intel. Also of course we now know, and it was always going to be the case, that all modern processors are affect to some extent.
It's entirely possible we will see that loss recovered over time when they can make the new code more efficient.
>>34166 Will I buy a fixed cpu - No fuck that. I'll only a new cpu when I need a new computer. These old cpus are perfectly fine to use for years to come.


No issues in games, though, still well above 60 fps on 2560x1440p.

Question: Will you buy the next gen (safe[r]) cpu?

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Ran 2 tests, 1 before the Windows patch and one after. :/