TenKeyLess = Godsend

I recently bought a tenkeyless (no numpad) keyboard and I'm really liking it. I thought the missing numpad would be a problem in some games/programs but so far it has proven to be godsend. Of course I'm no longer using excel ;)

ps: The bottom keyboard is my keyboard at work, it's just to show how small the new keyboard is.

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Of all the games I have only Star Citizen & Arma 3 uses a full (108) keyboard. And I have a separate numpad, just for that.

Cause I have the gamepad (Logitech G13) I had little room for a massive keyboard. I sometimes hit the side of the keuboard with my mouse but not anymore.


Number-pads never get much use and if you did need one for one or two games you can but a separate one, which I've heard some gamers prefer as they can position them where they like.