Time to back it up!

I've used windows backup in the past but recently found it's been missing out things that should have been included!
I've been looking around for another backup program. I tried AOMEI Backupper which had good features for free but that seems to have random problems working with network drives. I'm currently trying Cobain Backup which also is free and has good features like differential backup, but it has suddenly failed in the middle of a back up with no useful error message.

What are you guys using?

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>>33559 I've thought about the synology route, but already having simple nas capability in my router and a server it seems overkill. I'll check out FreeNAS.

Synology DataReplicator

Ever since I got a synology nas I use it to back shit up. Doesn't work if you don't have synology nas. So kinda useless for you. I bet FreeNAS will have a program that can do it.