Trump is Shining through!

some amusing photoshops marrying Trump and classic horror films on The Daily Beast:

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Nothing beats this joy of political shit


It's quite possible Hillary is less attractive than Trump. They both have ugly things coming out of their mouths, and have done ugly things. But based on looks, I really don't know who's uglier.


>>31562 By testify, do you mean 'proof'? I can't begin to remember how many women I heard say JFK and Ronnie were good looking. I do remember people saying JFK being Catholic might keep him from the White House and his father was corrupt. I really do think he got in because of his and Jackie's looks.


>>31559 Testify brother! :)


>>31558 Didn't I just say looks help. I think Reagan and JFK both got elected because of looks. If Hillary had an ass like this....Pres. man-yah-nah!


Turns out that if you search Calvin Coolidge on Youtube, you find this.....

They can't all look like Calvin Coolidge!

>>31554 Oh come now. Have you seen the portraits of Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, William Harrison, Zachary Taylor, James Garfield, Lyndon Johnson, or Gerald Ford? Dashing good looks have never been a requirement for the position, nor indicative of a quality leader.


if he becomes potus, the world be-aware :(


They're bizarre, Vis. One thing's for sure; if this guy does get elected, he'll be the ugliest pres. yet and will never live down all the ridicule that will follow.