Map Editor Mod for GTA V

Added a ramp to test the new Map Editor mod and it works perfectly :D
This is going to be a very cool mod :D

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>>31211 no, I wouldn't try that. My frames without the enb are around 144 to 60 (with a few mods), with the enb it's 120 to 50. All settings are at very high (~6GB of VRAM). oh, I use a 144Hz monitor now, back to 1080p.

But on the 1440p monitor the frames were a lot worse: 60 to 35 at some place, with settings to high (some very high), and without mods!


>>31207 It does look pretty good, but I don't think I'll trouble my modest gaming laptop with an ENB.

(2025.9 Kb, 1012x1712)

realistic ENB: looks good, but horrendous to install


Cool, and finally! This one started to become boring anyway:

So can we expect a movie from you soon?