Jessica Simpson does Wright Watchers!

Showing her face only, she must really be heavy! Me so sad! :(

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I've seen the commercial now. She's a big girl.

I was blessed with the "skinny gene". I eat anything I want, as much as I want, and my body processes it immediately and I will never know what it means to struggle with weight. So good luck to overweight people everywhere!


Wait a minute. I care deeply.....pffft. Who's Jessica Simpson?


Well, I was wondering who cares if this lady loses weight or not. Now I know! ;)

Write her a letter, Seafox, see if you sends you back a picture!! :D

Jessica Simpson
Papa Joe Films, Inc.
14804 Greenleaf Street
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403


>>19469 No, they don't! I just posted this, because I saw her commercial this morning! It kind of shocked me! I'm rooting for you Jessica! ;)


Do cameras really need to follow this person around anymore? Are her accomplishments any greater than yours or mine? Aren't there more interesting people in America that we could be entertained by? Why doesn't Seafox have his own reality show? Seafox Boo Boo Man!! I'd watch that. ;)

(117.4 Kb, 800x1448)

Well, fucked THAT up didn't I?!?
I guess I shouldn't look at skinny pics of her while I type! :p


And SeaFox does Typos!