Inside the Star Wars AT-AT

Got my PC back! It was very sick!
And before you guy start yelling- "Stay off the porn sites!" This happened while I was on "" looking up funny stuff to post on here!
What'd I miss?! :p

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>>18246 shipping would be a bitch though! XD


if you give me 40 usd I'll treat you well too (not in that way) ;D


>>18233 Actually the computer guy treat me pretty well! It was only 40 dollars to fix this mess! They're nice to me because I boughtthe PC there, and they know I'm in the market for a new on! :D
>>18235 Great pic! The scuba diver would have answered- "Look behind you!" ;p
I blast that thing out one a Month with the air compressor! And the disc clean-up was not working at all!

(306.1 Kb, 1920x1080)

here's the pic I was planning to post, SeaFox.

Basically clean your computer after every use. Use Disk Cleanup, windows temp folders and most definitely your browsers temp folder.
Also clean your pc's inside every month! Dust bunnies are NOT friendly! ;)


...remembering a couple of years back I picked up a 'Vegan' virus...took over the computer trying to sell me an anti-virus program. Took a guru friend of mine 2 days to clean it out. Would have been quicker and cheaper to just stick it in the dishwasher.


>>18228 Thanks, Good grief! The computer guys told me that alot of them are on "kids" websites, and even the comic sites! I've gotten a few from those as well! They place the viruses there because nobody suspects and trouble on those types of sites!
The viruses I had even shut down my security programs! :S


Good to have you back, Foxman. I was reading that 70% of the viruses floating around out there are NOT on porn sites. I had one attack me when I was looking for a book. Good ole Avast kicked it's head in.


It took two full days just to clean out the temporary folders! It had crap in there trying to steal bank account numbers! I had to turn off the modem so nothing could get stolen!
It's a good thing I don't keep bank account #'s in here!


Hi Fox! You should have stayed away for a few days, I had this great Fox pic I wanted to post :( oh well..
You haven't missed much, octomom stripping, Willard spanking the monkey in 'public', salad yoga, a girl with 3 boobs and a new hot spicy thread.
I was hoping you get a new pc. So how 'sick' was it?