I need to upgrade the OS on the server and it may require starting with a fresh install, so it could take a little while. I'll try the easy update method first.

I'm going to test a 'maintenance page' too, so hopefully you'll see that when the server is down.



A British redditor created this beautiful depiction of the Queen.

As you can imagine people were super impressed.

One person even described it as "Fresco Jesus level shit!".


I got a newer version of my previous router so I can still run the custom firmware. Thankfully setting it up went as smoothly as I could hope and with everything setup I still have plenty of settings storage for more settings. This means I'll be able to run more scripts and applications on my router to manage my network and keep everything working smoothly :)

I didn't bother going for a version with AX (wifi 6) because I don't have any devices that use it, the speed advantage is pretty small if anything and they are twice the price (over £300!)

You guys shouldn't notice any difference except I'll probably complain about router settings storage less, at least for a few years :D


I was searching for a better solution to having multiples apps on screen in windows without the hassle of having to position and size each one al the time. Thankfully MS PowerToys has a great solution that really should be part of win10 as standard instead of that 'hold windows key and press a cursor' bullshit.




So many dumb cunts moaning about finding hard to trade with the EU no that Brexit is final. What did they think would happen XD


I want a new monitor to use with my laptop at when I'm at my desk. It'll be for productivity, coding & 3D stuff mainly but also probably some gaming. 27" is the ideal size on my desk with my laptop next to it.
A 4K 144hz display is £750+ so I think that's out so the choice is either a 1440p@144Hz or a 4K@60Hz. Both options can have freesync.
My laptop rarely exceeds 60fps anyway so the 144hz is maybe not useful on most games I play. But thinking of the future I might build a new desktop, with probably 3080 or similar, some time in the next couple of years so maybe.

£400 would bet either the LG UltraGear 27GN850 1440p@144hz IPS or the LG 27UL850 4K@60Hz IPS

I don't know which right now!?!

Any thoughts?




*Apparently they used the wrong kind of bag to cook it in and the bag melted :/


This guys creates some great, and often hilarious, music completely from scratch from ideas from his chat.


Seen here some time in the early 80's all dressed up for some event with my Dad (1936-1997).
Sadly dementia took it's toll this year, but it's amazing how long she remained fit, healthy and well enough in her mind to know her family.
Love you Mum.


"Trey Parker and Matt Stone, best known for their cartoon South Park, have created a new comedy deepfake series called Sassy Justice."

The first episode is on youtube and it's actually pretty funny





I've wanted to make a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) for a long time, but I took a while to figure the best way to do it.

It has a 12V 5A power supply to power the Server, Modem, Router * Network Switch. This way even with a power cut the Server and all the required network equipment to keep it online will all be powered by the built in lithium-ion battery. The battery is also charged by the mains power.

The difficulty was because the server and modem are 12V, the router is 19V and the network switch is 5V. So I added the ability to add modules that slot in to the back of the UPS that can provide different voltages. The modules can also be swapped out for different ones in the future if need be.

The UPS monitors the voltages and current of the mains power supply, battery and the output. This information is shown on a small OLED display on the front of the UPS and also sent to the server via a USB cable. The server monitors the data from the UPS and can then shutdown safely if the power is off and the battery is running low.

I'm not completely sure what the capacity of the battery is but I think it should be able to power the whole system for a few hours if need be.

It's not perfect and my decision to package it so tightly has caused a few problems but the hardware is complete and now working but I still need to finish the software side.

Fingers crossed it all works properly :/


Sadly this a Xeon Server motherboard made by Portwell and not really intended for desktop use, but it's good to see lots of USB ports :D

It has 20 USB 3 ports on the back and 4 more USB 3 headers on the mobo.



The leaked specs for the new Samsung 980Pro show insane speeds, 7GB/Sec Read & 5GB/Sec Write.
But notice that the endurance of the drive is lower than the previous generation of Pro SSD.
Of course unless you are reading and writing large files you won't really notice any improvement.


Apparently while thousands are dying from coronavirus Trump thinks it's a good idea to have his campaign text voters about his new colouring book! XD
To fair to Trump supporters this book is probably on a level they can understand.



A neighbour found this little wasp nest, no longer with living wasps, and wanted me to take some photos of it. Here are a few for your viewing pleasure.


I've had this old bench grinder for a long time and the tool rests that came with it were crap. It's not my main tool sharpener, I have a Sorby Pro Edge for that, but it's still useful. Finally I've finished making some fully adjustable tool rests. They both tilt and adjust in height/length at the top and bottom, and have a slot in the top that fits all the accessories from my Sorby Pro Edge.