This guy in a Yukon bar actually uses a big human toe (donated) and puts it in a glass with your liquor of choice.


Usually, my Hibiscus has dropped its leaves by now. I don't think it knows the date. The Hibiscus bloom stays open for 1 day, closes and falls off. I noticed a small little timer at the base of the plant which controls this. This bloom started opening yesterday evening and will close to fall off today.


EVOLVE electric motorcycle. Going up for bids and estimated at 55 thousand bucks. It will go 55 mph for 100 miles. It was fashioned after the 'Tron' movie.


A group of us were invited to a friend's ranch for a bar-b-q cook-out and target shooting this past Saturday. Everyone brought their hand guns. We blew holes in paper and some last years Christmas ornaments in the afternoon. This is me and my .357.


Hint: "Sharper than a two edged sword".


Happening this Sunday night (about 10 pm. here) check your local times. Lasts a little over an hour and won't happen again until 2033. Last event was 1982. The U.S. and UK will see it.




Strange how a turtle gets caught in our waste and adapts.




This should keep us kicking for a bit. Pictures and lewd comments, appreciated.


Get your orders in soon, folks. This is going to be a hot item Oct. 31st. Only 8 wks. left and only $80.00.


I tried growing on of these exotic wonders and never could get it to bloom. This lucky stiff has had no trouble at all.


Yvonne Craig has died at 78 yrs. Her costumes fitted perfectly and little did I care about her acting abilities.


I was looking at a news article about the most terrifying roller coasters around the world. Here are a few. I love these things but these new ones I might have to think twice about.


What do these idiots represent???


Due for testing in 2016. Will launch satellite rockets from the air. Elon Musk is involved.


I had saved this picture and don't remember the news item or why I bothered saving it. You may caption it, if you wish. Or, report its true meaning.


A mere 1.7 million.


With all the shark attacks on the East coast, these two have come up with a sure-fire solution.


Flyboarding. Looks exciting but dangerous. This is in your neck-of-the-woods, Grim; have you tried it yet?


It can and does exist. I haven't been able to find drawings that explain how it's built. Mind twisting, huh?


It has now been proven, by scientific survey, waffle making is dangerous while operating a motor vehicle. I don't think the survey takes into account butter and syrup toppings.


I don't know where these little suckers came from but they've just started growing from my fence behind and to the side of, my carport. They'll die in winter but come back strong in the summer. They've been getting lots of water because of the rains here. When the wind blows or I rub against them, they give off an odor akin to welding steel or cutting metal.


Some interesting inventions I saw while browsing the news.


The Brits. are known for their outlandish hats but we here in the Colonies say "We can match the size of yours". Note: following examples from the Kentucky Derby.


It takes all kinds to make the world go 'round. He'll survive but it could have killed him. News said his face swelled immediately. Do tell!


You guys see this; in the news a few days ago.


This movie was listed as one of the worst films of the year. Don't even know its name. The point here is the great looking pistols Hollywood has thought to put in the film. I might just rent it to watch them go off.


As usual the bridal wreath has bloomed again. It started blooming when the weather was still chilly (30 degrees F. 20 or so days ago) These little white flowers will remain for around 3 weeks.