Yay, I made char cloth for fire lighting :D

Char cloth is cloth that's been reduced to charcoal that catches light really easily from a spark, but burns slowly so you can get a fire going properly. And I just made my first lot :D

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>>2518 Come to think of it those leaves I set fire to did seem kind of trailer like in shape and size...

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Did you come to my work to test it?


My turn! :D
I have tried a few times to start a fire the way Tom Hanks did in the Castaway movie! Thank God for Bic lighters! :D


great job! you can sell this on ebay!! :) jesus christ's char cloth!


>>2509 Do it!!!
This is the how to I used to guide me...


Wow, I think I might try this out.

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Yay, the char cloth burns :D

Once the tin was cool, 10 minutes or so, I took the cloth out and tested a piece by sending a spark on to it from my magnesium fire lighter. It caught light with the first spark and slowly glowed away until the whole thing was burned. I managed to get the burning cloth to catch a few leaves alight just to be sure it really worked :D

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Making the char cloth in the fire

The cotton cloth I used was cut up in to 2"x2" pieces and put in an old food tin. The top of the tin was covered with aluminium foil to seal it and a tiny hole in the centre of the top. I put the tin in the embers if my fire for around 10 minutes and let it smoulder away until the charring process was complete.