The faces of Starfield

When Starfield was announced I wanted to play it, however paying €75 for the base game is just too damn high. Luckily I found a 'demo' ;)
Anyway, the game is basically Fallout in space (and on planets). It actually looks like Fallout 4 with HD graphics, and thus runs smooth on my pc.

The thing that irks me are:
- The faces when speaking lack emotion
- The writing of characters & scenes, so far, feels bland
- Simple fetch quests without any surprises (yet)
- Simple story
- Answers don't matter
- The wastelands (and there are plenty) look just like Fallout 4 only more alien-esk
- Some weird grayish filter inside buildings
- Ship is unable to access anything but pilot seat in space, only when landed you can walk inside and access more stations.
- Load scenes galore! Luckily not too long though
- Baldur's Gate 3 looks better (probably cause it's isometric)
- The Witcher 3 (2015) & Red Dead Redemption 2 (2019) looks better!

But it has good things too:
- Ship can be build into any shape and size
- it uses less cpu & gpu resources than Baldur's Gate 3
- Mods are easy to install

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The starborn ship is fast and has decent weapons and shields, but you can't do anything with it. It's pretty dumb. I'll probably add some ship building mods soon and build something decent. There is a luxury habs mod that allows you to add empty habs and then decorate them like you can with the building you can buy in cities. There another that allows you to add doors where you want them!

I think a modular space station would be cool too but those mods look a but hit and miss so far.

I see the game is on sale now as well, 20% off! I also see on that more people are playing skyrim than starfield currently XD


But the starborn ship is utter trash. At least mine was. The ship I got from the ranger quest was the bomb (especially with mods) but that doesn't stay :(


Somehow I've spent 280 hours in Starfield. Probably mostly running from ship to the next quest or watching loading screens, but I feel like I deserve a medal or something!

I had to laugh last night while playing, I was stealing guns and selling them at Laredo firearm store in Akila and there was a 'resident' who kept saying 'There isn't much to do around here'. I replied 'No shit lady'! XD

I've been pushing through the New Game + thing lately but it gets old really fast. Levelling up my starborn powers seems pointless, I don't need or use them anyway. Also losing all the ships, weapons etc each time is just bullshit. It just makes you realise you only need 1 ship and 1 gun to complete the game, everything else is pointless. :/


0:43 "..once you've all upgraded your pc's.." fuck you, fucking Howard man, I can run Cyberpunk 2077 just fine, just optimize the fucking game. Not that I would buy it, Rune works and has updated patches too.

Also who gives a shit about a 1000 planets when they are all exactly the same..barren..or not really?
No, the game is repetitive and uses way too many 'caves' and bases too many times over.
Those 'puzzles' to get the starborn upgrades aren't. Floating from point to point is just lazy writing.
Oh, I almost forgot (not really) the endless loading screens, why Todd, WHY?!!
Rant off. 6/10

Oh shit. Funny video! So I guess you really put time and effort in it? In hind-sight still worth the £45?



...I first tried the 'demo' of the game to be sure it ran and that I would like it. The game grew on me after a few hours so I decided to buy it. It ran ok but I did hit a few bugs so buying it would mean I'd updates to fix those bugs maybe one day. I found it on for £45 (25% discount) for the steam version. Not terrible, but in general fuck game prices!


I decided to get the game and thankfully it runs ok on my old GTX 1080 laptop. Performance in Linux isn't great compared to windows, but Fallout 4 had the same issues.

I've had much time to pay it yet but I can already see how bad the spongy enemies problem is! I'll definitely be adding some mods pretty soon. Otherwise that dame isn't too bad. I'm not a fan of the menus which really just force you to fast travel everywhere, but hopefully a mod will come along that improves that. I also can't be bothered with the taking my spacesuit on and off bullshit, it stays on all the time. I expect an auto spacesuit mod will be along soon if not already/

(2270.4 Kb, 3440x1440)
EVA mod

Already have a couple; different 120fps interface, better walk/jog/run speeds, less spongy enemies, crafttable ammo, Better lighting, more reactors on ships, and a few more.


Sweet Ship!

I think mods will come thick and fast to enhance this game.

(2366.3 Kb, 3440x1440)
My first ship

That or just use a console command ;)

Space 'exploration' does feel a lot like No Man Sky (NMS) and Star Citizen (SC) as there's not much to do. So yes you can travel very slowly between planets but it's a lot quicker to use the 'grav' drive (something like warp), similar to NMS & SC.

As for mods I found the 'No Color Filters' which removes the grey wash among other things pretty good. Also found a mod that adds 60fps in menus as native is 30 fps, and one that deletes the enemy bullet sponges. More to come!


"...and essentials can't be killed :(" - Yet! I have faith in modders.

I've seen some coverage of it on twitch. I think it'll be a fun game, but it clearly has plenty of room for modders to make it much better. I've heard many people say the visiting planets and flying in space annoys them as it's a lot like no mans sky but just not as good at those same things.

I'm still rocking my 1080 laptop and while I think Starfield will run, it may not be great. I've seen it run on a 1060 and even a steamdeck, but it wasn't great on either.

(2221.4 Kb, 3440x1440)

This is the depressing voice acting plus facial animation you see all over the place.
Sure the faces move but it just lacks the right vocal emotion, and sometimes vice versa. And this happens all the time.
I wish I could just murder everyone but some are essential, and essentials can't be killed :(

(3633.1 Kb, 3440x1440)
The cockpit view (SF)

Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy it but it's not the best game in 2023. Baldur's Gate 3 has more depth in story, character emotion and voice acting, hell I even don't mind the dice roll.