Finally got my replacement wheel!

It's a wheelie heavy Fanatec CSL DD 8Nm. But it is also very sturdy. And you can change the wheel, add a shifter and/or handbrake, and more stuff. Of course it wasn't as cheap as a Logitech.

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Height adjustable makes it a great choice. Your set up is looking sweet. I imagine it'll work nicely with VR.

(1124.9 Kb, 1734x2312)

I still need to test it with VR but for now it works fine.

(1874.6 Kb, 1734x2312)

It's a 140€ and (or but?) from Glasgow ;) So relatively cycling distance.

(1290.7 Kb, 1734x2312)

You can raise the wheel to your desired height, as well as the pedal/foor tray.


The cardboard under tray is a nice touch and will the ground effect of the car you're driving! ;D

I feel with stuff like this heavier is always better. You don't want some super lightweight shit that will bend and break.

Looks like a good setup. I might need to have a different office chair though as I don't think mine would go as low as your one appears to be, but it might be low enough anyway. Definitely an option!

(1056.8 Kb, 1734x2312)

Somewhat easier to carry folded but still..

(1125.2 Kb, 2312x1734)

It's pretty handy but the WEIGHT, oh lord the weight.


That's a pretty nice solution. I've always liked the look of their ART cockpits.

(514.0 Kb, 1800x1800)

Ah the poor man's haptic feedback chair, undoubtedly it will work as long as you keep your pants on ;)

As for a racing cockpit, yeah, that is a great idea if I had the space which I don't. So I went for the GT Omega Wheel Stand. It was actually necessary cause the brake pedal is so heavy I pushed it and myself away. I had a similar product for the Logitech but it wasn't sturdy enough for the Fanatec Base.
The great thing about this stand is that later down the line i can always attach a 'racing' chair.

(204.1 Kb, 1080x1440)

Fanatec are the gold standard for wheels and pedals and thankfully they now make cheaper setups. I've not seen Moza stuff before, looks quite good.

That 2x2 power connector is actually pretty standard for low voltage high current power supplies. I have a 12V PSU for a small PC that uses that exact connector. It's not too hard to find connectors and power supplies with them thankfully.

I want to have a racing chair setup too, I've always hated sitting upright while driving in games, cars don't feel like that :D

Maybe I'll build a chair :)
Apparently this design allows you to feel the bumps in the road ;D


I went for Fanatec because they had this bundle (wheel + base + pedals) which was cheaper and they don't use proprietary cables for most interfaces; RJ12 from pedals to base, USB type-c to Type A from base to pc. Only the power adapter uses a 2x2 4-pin, which kinda looks like a pci connector.

Moza is another brand I had on my short list.


I've been waiting to move house before I upgrade my super shit old logitech wheel from decades ago! XD

Unfortunately until the old house sells I probably won't have the money. I very much like these Fanatec wheels but I'll have to see what I can afford at the time. If I don't get a Fanatec it'll likely be a Thrustmaster.

Soon™ :/

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