Rick and Morty newest season is awesome!

Just fucking do it, Jerry

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Oh, I'm most definitely gonna check out Guillermo Del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities. Thanks for that!


I'm finding HotD to be pretty dull as well.

I've given up on the Disney crap.

I haven't watched Rings of Power yet but I don't expect much.

I've watched some Lower Decks and it wasn't bad. I'll catch up with the newer episodes at some point.

I don't know See. I'll give it a look.

I watch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver which is usually pretty good.

I'm watching the new season of The Handmaids Tale. It's not as good as the beginning if the show but I still find it worth a watch.

On the 25th Guillermo Del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities is coming out, in 2-3 episdoes a day for that week, which might be good. I've always enjoyed Del Toro's films so it might be some good Halloween TV.


I'm currently also following Star Trek: Lower Decks, The Rings of Power, See, House of the Dragon, and Andor.

I gotta say that House of the Dragon (HotD) isn't that great. Compared to GoT it's very boring (read: too much politics, not enough blood 'n' guts) with a cruel Doctor Who.

I've only saw one episode of Andor so I won't score it yet. But I do wonder how many more series Disney will milk on Star Wars.

The Rings of Power is a bit slow to start and feels like a mixed bag. So far I don't really like or feel compassion for any of the characters. And yet I can't look away..

Star Trek Lower Decks is funny, but not Rick and Morty funny or Archer funny. It does make fun of Star trek shit.

See is watch worthy, with good acting and great scenery. But the story is weird. Still and however it is brutal and it works, although I'll give Severance a higher score.


Indeed Archer is kicking ass too!


It's been pretty good so far. Let's hope it continues.

I've been enjoying the latest Solar Opposites and Archer series too :)