I was binge watching a series when all of a sudden the screen distorted for a brief second.
When I minimized the player (VLC) all I saw was a grey screen. I could still see the minimized player (bottom left) and my (red) mouse pointer. I could run Task manager but starting Windows Explorer didn't do anything, neither did logging off and on again.
The only solution was to restart (ctrl+alt+del).

I've not experienced this with any OS until now with 11. Just to be sure I've set the 'Link State Power Management' of the 'PCI Express' to 'off'.

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50 shades of getting fucked by Geralt of Rivia, part 2.

It could be that I was watching for a long time but I needed to know what happened to Ciri, Triss, and Yennefer.


Were you watching 50 shades of grey ;P

Sadly a virus has been detected on your PC. This virus called MS.Windows.11 is very serious and can only be fixed by formatting the drive and starting again.