Bought this glorious keyboard

It was a standalone keyboard without any switches or keycaps.
The Switches are Gateron Reds that you simply push in the keyboard than you stick any keycaps you want on top. Mine are also glorious olive and greens.

One note of issue is the stabilizers (under the shift, backspace, and enter keys) were over lubed (too sticky). But you can take the whole keyboard apart, which is nice.

Price is steep though. But if you want a 75% keyboard with function keys (unicorn) and your own keycaps this is, so far as I know, the only one.


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(29.3 Kb, 500x378)

The MX Keys is a full size keyboard so it is pretty big. It's a shame they don't make a TKL version of it.

I have a sweet tiny keyboard for use with the raspi connected to my 3D printer.

(152.7 Kb, 1000x637)

That's the great thing with logi devives. I still use a MX Anywhere 2S wireless mouse with my laptop because it tracks on all surfaces. I just don't install the logi software anymore.

That keyboard looks massive compared to my itsy-bitsy all-in-one keyboard from some unknown brand.

(154.7 Kb, 1200x675)

Nice! I looked at going this route when I was looking for a mechanical keyboard before going getting the Apex 7.

I just got a Logitech MX Keys for use with my HTPC and Server. It surprisingly heavy and solid which is great. The ability to switch between 3 different devices is super useful. This will work nicely with my MX Ergo to make the perfect sofa control center :D