From 104% to 65%

The bottom one is a 104% layout with Cherry MX red switches. For some games I need the numeric keys but 95% of the time I don't.
So I recently bought the 65% Ducky One 2 SF with Cherry MX Silent Red switches, and oh boy is it tiny.
The silent red switches are really silent except the space-bar which has a distinctive sound but not as loud as MX black or red, or Logitech Romer-G switches.

The 65% layout which hasn't got the dedicated function keys, numeric keys, and several other keys (print, numlock, etc).
However it does still has the arrow keys, which does shorten the right shift key, and the 'Del', 'PgUp' & 'PgDn' keys are also included.
It also has RGB with onboard memory and connects through a usb type-C port (other end is type-A).

All-in-all a great keyboard albeit pricey but better quality than the Logitech G810. Plus it doesn't require any software, you just need to study the manual.

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That's a nice little keyboard. I see it has pretty much all the missing keys as macros on other keys which should cover most of the times you need them.