Worth watching [NSFW]

If you are looking for a good series, Invincible is actually surprisingly great!


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I agree, Solar Opposites is no Rick & Morty but it's still quite fun.


So I watched Solar Opposites (season 1) and it's not on the same par as Rick & Morty. It's just not as funny and/or vulgar.


Yeah, and a nice change of pace is the blood and guts (brains) that other superhero series & movies don't show. Also the cast is doing a great job; J.K. Simmons (Portal 2) is my fav atm.

I still need to see Solar Opposites season 1..I'll get to it soon.

And have you seen Resident Alien? Alan Tudyk plays an alien who is stranded on Earth. Similar to Solar Opposites except not really ;)


Just watched the first episode and it's looking pretty good. It's interesting that the episodes are 47 minutes long, unusual for an animated show. Pretty sure the second episode should kick things up a notch. I'll get on to it soon :)

Don't know if you saw that a second season of Solar Opposites dropped a week or so ago but it's also wort watching.