The Mandalorian

At first I was excited but the more I watch the lesser fascinating I become.
As someone said it's actually dull. Every episode feels the same. And where is he taking mini-yoda? How can the puppet keep up with Mando when they are walking?

It needs someone who will understand what mini-yoda is and can do and BOOM find the fucking Jedi temple (see recent pc game)!
Insert Pollo Vader, fast pace shoot outs, some sexy ass broad with maybe some sexy scenes (come on Disney stop being a prude). They find ex-resistance fighters now turned brothel workers, they help to ward off Pollo ;) Insert more action, make the Mehdalorian a Mandalorian again!

Disney, feel free to take any of these ideas, no need to credit me but you must mention Merlin's bar.

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Yeah, it's pretty dull, and far too family friendly :/
If I was to be cynical I'd say the whole show exists to sell Disney+ subscriptions and baby yoda toys :\
The 'fans' are too struck by all the episode 4 to 6 props and references to notice the show is actually shit.