Just got a new toy... the Odroid N2

I've been wanting a little computer as power efficient as a RasPi3 but with more power, USB3 and Gb ethernet. The Odroid N2 is exactly that :)

It officially supports Android 9 and Ubuntu Mate but people are working on other versions on Linux as well as the usual RasPi OS's.

I'm thinking I might move the web server over to this at some point but I'll play around with it for a while first..

Link to main info page:

I also got the dark case and 32Gb eMMC drive too (you'll find them on that site) :)

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Neat! It looks like a tiny server rack.

(246.9 Kb, 810x1080)
Odroid N2 NAS Stack

I've 3D printed a frame work to hold the NAS drives and Odroid N2. The frame work is easily adaptable so I can add more drives, or any thing else, in the future :)


That looks sweet but I heven't touched my pi's in a while now. I really wouldn't know what to do with them.