Utrecht Shooting..not near me, still scary.
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Luckily they did, the whole city was in lock down. My niece lives about 6 minutes away from where he ditched the car. She was working in Amsterdam at the time and was afraid to go home.
Police are still investigating if this was a terror attack or a 'hit' as the dude did had a trail for rape coming. Bet he was out on bail.
Anyway, if you ask me, he didn't do a good job if it was a terrorist attack. There are far more places with loads of people, like the always busy train station (Centraal Station).
But we will see.

The Dutch prosecutor's office suspects the perpetrator of "Manslaughter with a terrorist intent".
According to Dutch law, the maximum penalty for this offense is life in jail, or a maximum of 30 years in case a life sentence is not sought.


Well apparently they've caught the bastard so that is at least good news. I just can't understand people who do these things.
I hope this sick fuck gets put in a cell for life with the sick fuck that killed all those people in New Zealand. In fact they can throw Trump and all his kind in there too!
I'm glad you're safe.