The lady and the Reaper (Animation)
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Nice :)

A bit out of character, but I like it


>>1927 maybe your pc is damaged (again)
Fox, you really should try Firefox

(211.1 Kb, 975x543)

eye-deas ;)


@SF: Go to, download the latest flash player and try again.
That should do it. Hopefully.

@Vis: I know. It's just that organic eyes makes it look fake and the "robotic" eyes I tried on looked a bit silly to me.


The more crap they invent for computers, the more I can't make it work!


seafox, internet explorer is finished. it is a piece of junk. you cannot go on this way.. :(

ftcyp, interesting that you don't have the eyes yet. the eyes are the window to the soul. my latest bobi rabbit model cannot blink and that disappoints me..


The whole video won't play for me! On here, or YT! :/


Right now I only have holes where the eyes should be. I haven't figured out what kind of eyes to make for this.


do your characters eyes glow? or shine lights?? it is a really neat looking concept! :)


maya is great and there are lots of online tutorials for it with some incredible looking results!

i just learned how to rig a ball so it would squash and stretch. ok, i am easily impressed, but i absolutely love this cg animation starting with the very basics!

i am ok with plug-ins, but i prefer building my own rigs so i can appreciate them more.

looking forward to seeing more of your work! :)


Thanks :)

I'm using Autodesk Maya 2008.
"The Setup Machine" is a plug-in for Maya. I'm sure there are some rigging plug-ins for Blender as well.


wow great job!! i have not heard of "the setup machine". what software are you using? :) great character, too!

(318.7 Kb, 975x576)

I'll be waiting for your work on sunday then :)

I've just finished the pre-rigging process with something called "the setup machine". It helps you rig your character more easily. I'm supposed to hand-in the character fully rigged and textured by March 2nd, so I have some time for the rigging and skinning.


how is your 3d artwork/animation coming along ftcyp?

i'm posting my newest installment of "bobi and the ball" on sunday. it is an amateur's piece of work, but all part of the learning process.


My 3d teacher just sent me this.

Amazing work


one day, when i am not solving the world's problems, i want to devote my life to animating and being THIS good. thanks for the post! :)