Tiny PC case: In Win Chopin

After a weird problem with my dad's pc I bought him a new case to go with a backup mobo & cpu I had laying around.
However I resolved the issue and 'gave' the pc to myself.

The In Win Chopin can only house an ITX motherboard and two 2.5" drives, it already came with a 150 Watt psu. It is, however, a bitch to work in/with. Front I/O cables are too long, power cables partially too yet there's not enough room to hide them.

Still, the end product does look nice. And is very silent (also thanks to the Noctua cpu-cooler).

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For one of the fans I made a fancy 360 degree cooler duct but for the second fan there isn't any room do anything other than have a 40mm x 10mm 24V fan. It's not really a problem, I'd just like it to be quieter. I going to look in to using a regulator to lower the voltage for that fan and then I can use a 12v silent 40mm fan.

(35.3 Kb, 974x701)
fan duct (or a like)

Can't you create a fan duct? I mean, you DO have a 3d printer after all. Or water cool it ;)


Sweet! Really nice case. My HTPC has an old In Win case and I like it but as you've found some of the finer details are sometimes missing.
I like the nocturna fans, I just wish they made a slim 40mm fan that ran on 24v to replace the noisy fan on 3D printer.

(1195.3 Kb, 2064x1548)

I use it as a backup HTPC. For when I'm doing maintenance on my watercooled gaming rig, I'll use my current HTPC as my replacement gaming rig. Cause gaming = life ;)

However I won't use the Chopin as a VR rig.