Ooh, a piece of candy...

>>34231 I don't expect you to remember so nothing to apologise for :D

Not really any better, probably won't be any time soon.

A window to Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Cool. Sounds like you're finding the groove in this game now. I'll have to take a closer look when I want another game.


Thanks for you kind and informative words guys. It's nice to know some people are understanding of my annoying limitations.
I'm trying to avoid dairy for a while now just to see if there is any effect on either sinuses or general health.
I think what pisses me off most about this process is just how long it takes to get results. I've always been someone who needs answers immediately so it's all a bit frustrating.
Oh well, chin up, best foot forward and all that bollocks :D

RIP Reg Cathey

I'm not sure I've seen his work, but it sucks to go at 59. Way too young :/


>>34217 Looks interesting. Wonder if my insurance covers that chin-strap and bouncy-ball?

To boldly go where no Musk has gone before..

This was cool to watch, and a great reminder that not everything in life is a pile of shit :D

RIP John Mahoney

Sad to see him go, I very much enjoyed him in Frasier.

Pretty windy last week

>>34200...from the spilled coffee, no doubt.....

360 Gallery Thread

Found some time to play with Ansel again. The 3D 360 images look pretty good on the Nokia 8 thanks to it's QHD screen, and movement is super smooth. Sadly the nvidia viewer only works with 4K images and nothing bigger. I found an app to use the 8K images but it turns out Ansel didn't create them properly and that have weird light and dark bands across the image so their pretty unusable. I'll try an check out some other 3D stuff at some point :D

Woody & Buzz on the Freeway, IRL!

>>34192 You don't get to see much around the RC car so it might be that a car behind it had a passenger controlling it. Pretty sure the car was setup with limited steering so it didn't go out of control.

I'm very very smart

Alright, so he does know what he's saying.


SpaceX sold NK their rocket?!

VR Ready!

Glad to be of help :D

Amazing facts about Google


Meltdown & Spectre info

Tests appear to show a general slowing of about 2.5%, but I don't think many people will notice anything as they don't run their computer flat out ever. Data centres are where that 2.5% will be noticed as to save costs they only run flat out and don't have much spare capacity. I notice in the US there are already several lawsuits against Intel. Also of course we now know, and it was always going to be the case, that all modern processors are affect to some extent.
It's entirely possible we will see that loss recovered over time when they can make the new code more efficient.
>>34166 Will I buy a fixed cpu - No fuck that. I'll only a new cpu when I need a new computer. These old cpus are perfectly fine to use for years to come.

Oh boy

>>34157 If you can remember being there you didn't take enough drugs :D

Happy New Year, Merlin's Bar!

To quote Dr Pepper, a respected philosopher...

It's Christmas :D

Happy days, peeps!

The View From Stanner Rocks

>>34133 Ah. Since my cell phone remains 'off' most of the time, I do a lot more picture taking with the camera. Cell phones are king these days.

Snow in Houston???

>>34114 We have coats in our closets but they don't get used much. One coat can last a person their entire life. I have a few that are over 35 years old. They're still like new! My Navy 'P'-coat is 56 yrs. old.. still wear it!

>>34116 A few of my friends made snowmen. They were pretty sick looking... stood about a foot high and they had to scrape up their whole front yard to build it.



Short comic

Cool :D

A Royal British/American wedding

>>34106 It can't get any worse than this, can it?

Cool Cat

>>34111 Does Hoshi wear glasses too? Or a suit? :D

They grow up so fast

btw, the story of those pigs is pretty dark. Piggy didn't go to the market to do shopping, you know. oh..this reminds me I need bacon!


phew, only -6.5C here. Luckily you lot draw the cold away from the proper folks :P

Racing Bull

I used to love watching the red bull air races on TV but then they disappeared :/

New version; Android Nougat

Squid? ugh, sounds sticky.

I have 4 cats now..mostly lured with fish

Preferably without looking it up

>>34087 Yeah, that's mos def a film I would watch :|

So no, not this one.

W10 update

Sets is a nice idea but unless all software can make use of it it will be nothing more than a way for Microsoft to try and force people to buy it's own software :/ Time will tell.