New version; Android Nougat

>>34068 Waiting on delivery sometime in the next few days. I went for a Nokia 8 in the end. It seemed like the best compromise for my needs.
While I'm waiting I've been updating most of my other android devices, 3x Nexus 7's and the Xperia Z3 Compact, to custom roms running Nougat. All running very well :)

We're doomed, I say

oh, they are way ahead of them yanks

W10 update

Microsoft are total bastards for that. The only way you can stop it repeatedly installing the wrong driver is to tell it that the driver they installed doesn't work and then revert back to the previous one.
I think if you have Win10 Pro you can stop it from installing drivers but not in Home :/

Preferably without looking it up

Hint: use a translator

Glass Steam engine

I would have liked to have seen the glass blower attain the exact fits (especially the piston and sleeve).
Quite an interesting sound coming from this little feller.

Nvidia Ansel, baby!

>>34049 But I need more power!!!

Stranger Things S2!

yes, the gifted is neat. Will go far in that ;)

Iron Man WR!

It will be hard to high five people or point them in the right direction. Also saluting is out of the question. So many issues with this device.

>>34039 Best wait for the later versions, they come with mobile support.. and wings!


Dude, Where's My Cat?

Hurricane Ophelia

>>33998 How very dare you good sir! We British eat Chips not French fries!!! ;D
But yeah, they're usually soggy and gross just like the one you posted :/

Trump goes to war?

>>33991 In a nutshell, the new order doesn't do that much more than the one it replaced.
I wouldn't say the order moves us closer to war.

It's all a lot of boasting and a ploy for attention which Trump loves getting... otherwise called: An ego trip.

For goodgrief

>>33958 Now that you mention it, it did taste a bit like chocolate.

Choo choo!

Thanks for clearing that up and making a connection.

That Feeling When...

>>33906 If you plan on doing something just don't bother and go back to bed instead :D

Best advise ever!

Will do!

I think the folk behind the sign painting never open the side door.
You should see all the pictures of van sign disasters. Pretty funny.

I shit you not

Love to have your ARSE patch for myself (if they're available).
Years ago, I bought this Red Green badge..In Latin it says "When in doubt, play dead" The chapter 11 is for bankruptcy... it's a real hoot. I was/am a big fan of Red Green. He excelled in the use of duct tape and an obtuse way of getting things done.


>>33898 thanks, I'll look into it.

For when you need to find that special pixel

For a moment I thought that was cat-woman but on looking again I see it is batman :D

Hurricane Irma

>>33883 Maria has made a real mess of Puerto Rico :/

Learning the backstroke

Used one of these with an old girlfriend.. she asked for it when she hit the road. Cheapskate!
Maybe our refineries will keep enough oil around so we can make some. Gotta have income!

When you can finally justify a GTX1080Ti ;)


Alternative facts

Trump getting to know Irma

Reunited after 17 years!

>>33864 it really depends on the beer, and >>33802 is all cider.

At my local supermarket I can get 24 cans of 0.33Liter/11oz for 10 euro/11.97USD (limited 6 crates per person!)


>>33856 I bought it for a friend who's into Norse mythology. Figured I should get one too. I think her husband will go nuts if she has even more horny stuff.

No Man's Sky MP Update?

>>33854 I think there will be a few more yet :D

Out Of Nowhere...

>>33848 The joys of youth XD

Aw Yeah. It's to get printy!

Lots of upgrade happening at once currently so I'll post an update when it's all done. It makes sense to do it this way to avoid having to recalibrate the printer more than once.

Mandatory cleaning and upgrade..on mah PC

The Last Node

Thank you, dude.