Bocephus in the flesh

Holy monkey balls, you live in Alaska now?

And hi, Bocephus, how's things?

Merlins-Bar Soon To Be Serving Pie...

Yeah, GDPR is a thing in the UK, for now at least. Who know what the United Krapdom will do in the future :/

Aw Yeah. It's to get printy!

Ty, JC :)

Wise words from Donal..uhh Homer

Tiny PC case: In Win Chopin

There isn't very much of a 3D printer that can be 3D printed :/


Zuckerberg makes Data look human :D

He's back

Hang on..

Too true


Turd thief

>>34273 So it is true!

I want to be paraded at least once in my time..

Wow! That is a very specialist vehicle.

Best VR game: Lone Echo

This looks pretty amazing. The movement system is really nice. I'd like the see the dialogue system expanded to allow for voice recognition but I guess it would still need prompts to get you to say the right things. I'm pretty sure in the future VR games will do that.
The interaction with Olivia is pretty stunning.
Looks like a really cool game.

Classic Arma (3)

Memory leaks are a bitch. I've spent days trying to find them in the past only to find it's a fault in the compiler and you have to rewrite the code to get around it :/
Looks pretty sweet though :)

Ooh, a piece of candy...

Invest in crypto you say...

I just had to share this :D

>>34262 According to Dan Harmon the show isn't in production currently, so not even being written for season 4! He said Adult Swim hasn't ordered it yet. I have a feeling that there is probably a fight over money and rights going on in the background. I could be a long time before we see any new episodes :/

My fav, White Russian (no collusion)

Send a bottle to meeeee!

error 404 image

That's pretty good :D

Your opinion, please

Yeah, me too (on >>0) but I won't pass >>34253 ;)

RIP Stephen Hawking

Yes, I was lost for words.

Vertical Video Syndrome - it should be illegal!

I bet he is holding them up. That or she must have a strong back.

RIP David Ogden Stiers

>>34239 same. There's a lot of that going on in MASH, how everybody reacted with the war. Very deep in a way.

A window to Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Cool. Sounds like you're finding the groove in this game now. I'll have to take a closer look when I want another game.


Thanks for you kind and informative words guys. It's nice to know some people are understanding of my annoying limitations.
I'm trying to avoid dairy for a while now just to see if there is any effect on either sinuses or general health.
I think what pisses me off most about this process is just how long it takes to get results. I've always been someone who needs answers immediately so it's all a bit frustrating.
Oh well, chin up, best foot forward and all that bollocks :D

RIP Reg Cathey

I'm not sure I've seen his work, but it sucks to go at 59. Way too young :/


>>34217 Looks interesting. Wonder if my insurance covers that chin-strap and bouncy-ball?

To boldly go where no Musk has gone before..

This was cool to watch, and a great reminder that not everything in life is a pile of shit :D

RIP John Mahoney

Sad to see him go, I very much enjoyed him in Frasier.

Pretty windy last week

>>34200...from the spilled coffee, no doubt.....

360 Gallery Thread

Found some time to play with Ansel again. The 3D 360 images look pretty good on the Nokia 8 thanks to it's QHD screen, and movement is super smooth. Sadly the nvidia viewer only works with 4K images and nothing bigger. I found an app to use the 8K images but it turns out Ansel didn't create them properly and that have weird light and dark bands across the image so their pretty unusable. I'll try an check out some other 3D stuff at some point :D

Woody & Buzz on the Freeway, IRL!

>>34192 You don't get to see much around the RC car so it might be that a car behind it had a passenger controlling it. Pretty sure the car was setup with limited steering so it didn't go out of control.

I'm very very smart

Alright, so he does know what he's saying.


SpaceX sold NK their rocket?!