Merlins-Bar Soon To Be Serving Pie...

The renewal date for the hosting server is in about a month and I'm thinking it makes sense for me to save £100 a year and just host the site my self on a Raspberry Pi. I've been testing it running on a spare Pi ZeroW over the weekend and it's running well, if a little slowly. I'll get a new RasPi 3B+ soon to host the site.

This will mean that the upload and especially download speeds will be slower because my internet speed is only 12mbps down and 1mbps up, so downloads for you guys will be 1mbs maximum. It's not great but it's better than spending £100 for a faster speed on a hardly used website.

If all goes well we should go full time to the RasPi server with a month.

I'll post soon with a test address so you can check the RasPi server on my network for yourselves and let me know how it works for you.

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Yeah, GDPR is a thing in the UK, for now at least. Who know what the United Krapdom will do in the future :/


>>34324 Test server doesn't auto update after a post. Posting it here too for double your pleasure ;)

I just tested the test server and it still isn't secure. It might be tomorrow. I'll check in 10 hours. I deleted the cookies just to be sure.

Curious, we, the mainland Europe, have this idiotic rule from Brussels concerning safety (online, personal data, etc) called the AVG in Dutch or the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in English. Must the UK also enforce this law or you glad Brexit prevented that?


>>34322 Yeah testing some code changes, it should be sorted soon. Hopefully you'll appreciate the long overdue update :D

>>34323 Good find. I'll take a look at that later :)


Oh found this site:
Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open Certificate Authority.

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Just got a massive error on the Pi Bar test site both using secure and non-secure. I guess you're doing some bug hunting? Or general maintenance.

I send that error through my work-mail to you.

[original post to httpS thread]
Yeah, got the ! on the lock.
My NAS used to have that too but through Synology I got a SSL certificate from Comodo.

Maybe this site helps


>>34320 I'm unlikely to notice as it would only take a few seconds.


Wow, that's impressive for the people who come here.

Just a quick (prolly dumb) question. If I upload a massive big picture will you notice something on your end?


* Interesting Stat:
In the almost 9 years since Merlins-Bar site launched we've generated nearly 8Gb of data! That's a whole lot of crap :D


...should be back now. Had to recopy the file system a different way in order to get it to fill the 32Gb card :/


lol, I'll await for the Beta


And down again, got a file system problem while moving to a new SD card. Back soon...


...and back again :D


Going offline again, back soon...

10/05/18(Thu)14:09 should now be available again, and now running on a RasPi 3B :)


Test server will be unavailable while I change the hardware, I'll update when it's back online.

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>>34309 It's an exact copy of this website from a few days ago. You can select whatever theme you like up the top, you were probably using 'Our Bar', and you can log in with your normal username and password.
It should all be exactly the same as this website as nothing in the code has changed. All that was required was to install and configure all the webserver and database stuff on the Pi. It wasn't plain sailing but wasn't too painful either :)

Thanks for the donation, you can find your slice of pie here ...

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I send a small...

It looks good to me. The simple design keeps the speed relatively good. I couldn't add stuff though, I guess I need a new password?


Sadly I'm not likely to get your internet speeds any time soon, but I think the speeds I have now will be ok. When I first started to develop Merlins-Bar I had it on my home server and that had a max speed of 0.5mbps down and 0.04mbps up :S

Be sure to take a look as and let me know if it works ok.


Yum pi(e)!
If I knew how to maintain a website I could do it. I have a somewhat faster line (50-down/25-up). Still have a Pi2 laying around somewhere.
Mmm..lets try your slice first. If you need anything let me know, kay?

08/05/18(Tue)10:36 is now available for testing :)