Been very cold and foggy this week in Herefordshire, thought I'd share a pic from the woods where I work. Struck me as a prime site for a horror movie :D


Yay, my new Alienware laptop arrived :D



Added a ramp to test the new Map Editor mod and it works perfectly :D
This is going to be a very cool mod :D



Make from wood that is green, as in freshly cut, not the colour :D
So I just finished a couple of greenwood chairs I've been working on. One is a rocking chair with traditional British twisted rush seat, the other is a 'walking stick' back chair with manilla rope for the seat.


Just renewed the bar for another year. Join the celebration and have a slice of turd cake :)


I found these little mother fungis (< see what I did there) in the garden. They're Morels in case you don't know, and they are mighty tasty :D

Oh, and this is the first photo taken with my new xperia Z3 compact :D



Yeah, the place really is called that!



Had a partial solar eclipse in the UK this morning. This is a shot at about the maximum.



Well now you can with the new 'looks like a cat humping your head' headband!


..and what a fucking drama that was :S

I tried the standard OTA update, it got half way and had an error.
Thankfully the device was still working though.
I tried that again, same problem.
No worries I think, I'll download the factory image from google and use that to flash the update manually.
It failed, not compatible!?!
Turns out this is a common problem google can't be arsed to fix.
I get an update for the update to fix that problem and try again.
Failed! I get a weird error that seemingly is related to using a USB3 port. Not only that but now my device is booting any more, I can only get to the bootloader to try and update again.
Try again, suddenly my device isn't recognised in windows any more, how the fuck am I supposed to update this thing now!?!
Try a different, better quality USB cable. Thank fuck windows sees the device again.
Try to update using another program.
Holy shit it works...
...but my 16Gb of internal storage has become 8Gb :(
Try again.
Same shit.
Finally find information that says to Lock and then Unlock the bootloader to restore the storage size (this was only found out by accident by a guy with the same problem)
Fuck me backwards and call me Vera, it fucking works!?! And it only took 2 days of fucking around!
Boots up to Android Lollipop (5.0.2)...
...Meh, I think I liked the old version better :S



A Couple of idiots calling themselves David Zhang and Gareth Qi are trying to scam Merlins-Bar in to registering for domain names (David's service) in china to stop other people (Gareth's company) from using them.
I have wished them well and a long and happy marriage together.



Sorry I've not been around much lately, as usual my health hasn't been great.
However I've been waiting for a few weeks for confirmation of my mum having Myeloma (blood cancer) and things weren't looking hopeful, but today the results show she definitely doesn't have it which is great news :)
The doctors have now decided it is a nasty attack of rheumatoid arthritis which thankfully they can get on top of with a medication change.
I'm so relieved, it's been a bit of a tough few weeks.


Charlie chilling on the sofa :D


Kington Golf Club is a lovely place to have a walk and get in the way of golfers, walkers have right of way. The view isn't bad either :)


...boiling your water up here, alone.

Made myself a rocket stove from a galvanised buck and 5" stove flue elbow and some vermiculite. As you can see from the photo it appears to work :)



This little birdie was outside my bedroom window this morning :)


Finally you be ultra cool on the battle field!


It's a great new show on adult swim (and the internet if you looks for it!). Very funny.
The Mr Meeseeks episode has been the funniest of the first season...



...And the software for my android phone isn't far behind (see photo) :D
It lets me control and monitor the lights, alarm, gps tracker, battery voltages and power usage by the motor. Quite pleased with how it's working out :)